A lot of help was necessary for creating a project of this magnitude. For that help, we’d like to personally thank Dr. McClurken for giving us the opportunity to try something new and push ourselves to new limits. Dr. McClurken really urged us to work together and be creative on this project. His guidance and advice made this project possible.

This project could not have happened without numerous tutorials from DTLT, along with their help troubleshooting. Jim Groom became our hero for all his formatting and layout assistance. Jerry Slezak kindly helped us work through our plans and spent a really long time patiently helping us convert TIFF files to JPEGs, so the images of our scans wouldn’t crash all the servers. There would be no Omeka exhibits or timeline without Patrick Gosetti-Murrayjohn’s kind introduction to Omeka and the wonderful batch uploading tools, along with his patient troubleshooting of the timeline.

We are indebted to Dr. Gary Stanton for his tutorial on scanning microfilm.

Our thanks to Dr. Daniel Preston, editor of the James Monroe Papers, for making suggestions on articles, providing images and information, suggesting guidelines for transcriptions and offering general support and guidance on the project.

Thank you to Leslie Marangoni who was the musician behind the pianoforte music in our slideshow on the homepage, and we’d also like to thank Gregory Adel for helping us track down a copy to use.

We would also like to extend our gratitude to our fellow classmates in the 471C3 Digital History Seminar. Without their constant support, advice, and criticisms, our project would not be what it is today. So thanks to all of them for their ideas and assistance with our project, and we hope that we were able to assist with theirs in the same way.

And lastly, thanks to Adam P. Fagen, Lisa Meissner, Daniel Preston and the James Monroe Museum, for allowing us to use their beautiful images to illustrate parts of James Monroe’s life.

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